Media & Publications related to Computable Publishing

NEWS RELEASE August 11, 2020: DynaMed® Founder Launches Computable Publishing LLC. August 11, 2020

Journal of the American Informatics Association article “It is time for computable evidence synthesis: The COVID-19 Knowledge Accelerator Initiative” July 27, 2020

EBSCO Health Notes “Sneak Peek into the COVID-19 Knowledge Accelerator (COKA)” July 14, 2020

DIME Boletin #14 “COKA (COVID Knowledge Accelerator): Una herramienta para superar el impacto de COVID-19” June 29, 2020

Comment to Annals of Internal Medicine article “Computable Resources to Support Living Systematic Reviews” June 23, 2020

HL7 International Press Release “HL7 International to Test COVID-19 Knowledge Accelerator (COKA) FHIR Resources at its May 13-15, 2020 Virtual FHIR Connectathon” May 12, 2020 Interoperability Proving Ground “COVID-19 Knowledge Accelerator