Apollo Accelerator Membership Program

What is the Apollo Accelerator?

The Apollo Accelerator is a membership program to accelerate the development, implementation, and use of standards for electronic data exchange of scientific evidence and clinical guidance (ie, accelerate the use of computable evidence and computable recommendations).

Why do we need the Apollo Accelerator?

Accelerating the use of computable evidence and computable recommendations translates into greater efficiency of communication of science and guidance. Developing base software support that can be used extensively by all parties communicating science and guidance will enable Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable (FAIR) evidence and recommendations. The Apollo Accelerator membership program allows users to contribute to the base software development at much lower cost than each system developing their own (non-interoperable) solutions.

What are standards?

Standards are specifications for data exchange produced and maintained by a standards developing organization (SDO). SDOs include but are not limited to Health Level 7 International (HL7®). Standards include but are not limited to Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) which is owned and maintained by HL7. The Apollo Accelerator will primarily work with FHIR, with specific attention to lower-maturity FHIR resources for exchange of research results and related knowledge. FHIR is freely available and does not require Apollo Accelerator membership for its use.

There is no formal relationship between the Apollo Accelerator and HL7 at this time. However, members are encouraged to join HL7, and Apollo Accelerator members will vote periodically on seeking to become an HL7 FHIR Accelerator Program.

What is the primary benefit of joining the Apollo Accelerator?

License to use the Base Software (“Foundation for Organizing Re-usable Communication of Evidence (FORCE) Toolkit”) which is software for data entry, data transformation, data management, and data access (search, display, export) for standards-based computable evidence and computable recommendations.   Apollo Accelerator members will vote on feature prioritization.

What are other benefits of joining the Apollo Accelerator?
  • Contribution to the advancement of science and improvement of the human experience
  • Discounts on services offered by other Apollo Accelerator members
  • Opportunity to offer discounts on your services to other Apollo Accelerator members
  • Access to FORCE Toolkit developers to influence development to meet your needs
Who can be an Apollo Accelerator member?

Any legal entity for which the FORCE Toolkit would add value to support their goals.  Members may include commercial, academic, government, and nonprofit entities.

For individuals seeking to volunteer, see COVID-19 Knowledge Accelerator (COKA). The tools developed in the Apollo Accelerator will be made freely available for the COKA members for use specific to COVID-19 knowledge.

What does it cost?

Members pay an annual membership fee which varies by for-profit/nonprofit status and by annual revenue (or budget for governmental agencies that do not have revenue).

Membership is a calendar year January 1 through December 31, and can be reduced for the first year (75% if joining in Q2, 50% if joining in Q3, and 25% if joining in Q4).  Members may choose the term in yearly increments up to 5 years to take advantage of current (early adopter) membership rates.

Initial membership rates

Annual RevenueFor-Profit Annual DuesNonprofit Annual DuesMaximum number of voting individuals
>$10 Billion$2,300,000$999,00011
$1-10 Billion$1,500,000$400,00010
$100-999 Million$900,000$150,0009
$50-99 Million$450,000$55,0008
$20-49 Million$200,000$25,0007
$10-19 Million$125,000$15,0006
$5-10 Million$100,000$12,0005
$1-5 Million$75,000$8,0004
< $1 Million$50,000 (or 10% of revenue)$5,0003
How do I join?