DynaMed® Founder Launches Computable Publishing LLC.

~ EBM Giant Starts Mission to Make Science Machine-Interpretable ~

IPSWICH, Mass. — August 11, 2020 — Brian S. Alper, MD, MSPH, FAAFP, FAMIA announces the launch of Computable Publishing LLC. The company will advance the research and discovery of healthcare and scientific information by supporting standards for shared computable expressions. Dr. Alper most recently served as the Chief Medical Knowledge Officer at EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO), which he joined when EBSCO acquired his first company DynaMed® in 2005.

Dr. Alper founded DynaMed,a clinical decision support tool for healthcare professionals, 25 years ago.  DynaMed has grown to provide a synthesized and curated summary of the most current evidence and guidelines for clinicians around the world. During his time with EBSCO, Dr. Alper worked to continue to advance his mission to provide the most useful information to healthcare professionals. DynaMed became the company’s flagship clinical decision support tool, created hundreds of jobs, provides information support for millions of people, and EBSCO has since developed a collection of clinical reference products.

While at EBSCO, Dr. Alper created the COVID-19 Information Portal and started the COVID-19 Knowledge Accelerator (COKA) in response to the changing needs of the healthcare and medical research community in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The portal is an international resource for COVID-19 information, and COKA is a virtual organization developing and advancing interoperability standards for COVID-19 knowledge.

Dr. Alper’s work on the portal and COKA quickly attracted dozens of organizations across industry, academia, government, and nonprofits in most continents to accelerate the identification, evaluation and dissemination of evidence for overcoming COVID-19.

But the current systems only support humans using computers to communicate scientific knowledge to humans. There is no method to communicate it to the computer to enable artificial intelligence, machine learning, and much greater efficiency that will reduce the effort for the many people reporting millions of scientific findings every year. That is why Dr. Alper launched Computable Publishing LLC to augment digital publishing with machine-interpretable forms. The company’s mission is to enable standard-based machine-interpretable expression of public knowledge, especially related to healthcare and scientific evidence.

According to Dr. Alper “In the early days of COVID-19 management front-line physicians were making treatment choices based on word-of-mouth. Scientific results from good research trials were available but not yet processed in reports that physicians use for guidance. Ultra-rapid analysis of the research and providing curated results on the internet was instantly more useful and well received. We need to enable such efforts as quickly and widely as we can. This is why I am turning my attention now to make science reporting computable.”

EBSCO Clinical Decisions Executive Vice President Betsy Jones says Dr. Alper greatly impacted EBSCO’s direction and focus on clinical decision support. “Dr. Alper developed a systematic process to bring practice changing evidence to the bedside. This systematic process underpinning DynaMed has helped to change the way medicine is practiced. Reliable Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) at the point of care is now the bedrock of all our Clinical Decisions products. We look forward to seeing his new company flourish and working with Computable Publishing in the years to come.”

For more information on Computable Publishing, visit: https://computablepublishing.com/.


Computable Publishing LLC is a dynamic company established to partner with any publisher to express scientific knowledge in computable form and any user to enable use of computable knowledge to improve outcomes. Contact Brian S. Alper, CEO Computable Publishing LLC, balper@computablepublishing.com, 978-500-5450.